California Consumers

Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 2923.5– Foreclosure Requirements, the following information is provided to California Residents whose mortgage is serviced by Dyck-O’Neal Inc:

  1. The following options that may be available to borrowers who are unable to afford their mortgage payments and who wish to avoid foreclosure:  delinquency curing (Second Chance program), loan settlement, loan modification, deed in lieu, and short sale.
  1. Following is a list of financial documents borrowers should collect and be prepared to present when discussing options for avoiding foreclosure:  Your last two years’ of tax returns, including all supporting schedules; a confidential financial statement (form will be made available to you), and most recent pay stub from your employer, if available.
  1. Our toll free number for discussing your mortgage options is 800-447-2481, x-2161.

To find a HUD-certified housing agency. call (800) 569-4287

The following link will take borrowers to a list of HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies: HUD Approved Counseling Agencies