Since 1988, Dyck-O’Neal, Inc. has been highly successful in monitoring, managing, resolving and maximizing recoveries on all types of bankruptcy cases. Our systematic approach, proprietary monitoring systems, and years of experience, allow us to effectively manage large volumes of bankruptcy related cases.

  • Dyck-O’Neal, Inc. is ECF registered with the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, and actively pursues claims nationwide.
  • We continually monitor changes to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, Regulations, and local rules of Bankruptcy Courts across the nation.
  • We are well-acquainted with many Bankruptcy Trustees, U.S. Trustees, and Attorneys, which allows us to effectively negotiate and resolve claim disputes amicably avoiding unnecessary costs and delays.
  • Our specific tracking systems allows for real time monitoring of claims and distributions for each type of claim.
  • We electronically file, manage and monitor claims for all loan types including secured and unsecured, commercial and consumer, residential mortgage, judgments, deficiencies and promissory notes.
  • We actively participate on creditor committees when applicable, and effectively protect our client’s interests in order to resolve claims for the benefit of our partners.
  • We monitor each identified bankruptcy case and its disposition to maximize results, and continue monitoring post-bankruptcy for potential re-filings, asset discovery and distributions.
  • When multiple cases are involved, we simultaneous track each case to ensure that recoveries are maximized for each case and claim.
  • Dyck-O’Neal, Inc.’s bankruptcy policies and procedures are regularly updated in accordance with recent U.S. Bankruptcy Court Rules and Regulations.
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