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We are considered a premier partner in the investment, management, and equitable resolution of distressed and unmanaged real estate debt upholding the highest ethical standards to our clients, customers and investors. Our approach is hands on, disciplined and keeps the preservation of capital at the forefront. Through our asset management lens, we are able to ascertain value without putting our capital partners at risk.

The Premier Partner in the Investment, Management and Equitable Resolution of Distressed and Under-Managed Real Estate Debt, Upholding the Highest Ethical Obligations Within the Financial Community.

our approach

  • Maximize the return on each asset based on its specific situation
  • Reduce portfolio concentrations and remove potentially troubled assets from balance sheets
  • Focus efforts on new originations
  • Free up capital for growth

our partners

  • National and Regional Commercial Banks
  • Community Banks and Credit Unions
  • Mortgage Insurance Companies
  • Government Sponsored Enterprises
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Banks with Loss Share Agreements
  • Private Capital
how can we help you?

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Joint Venture Structure

Dyck-O’Neal’s unique joint venture structure allows us to effectively resolve judgments, deficiencies and charged off accounts. This joint venture structure allows our bank and credit union partners to contribute assets and leverage Dyck-O’Neal’s experience in debt resolution while providing a hedge against associated expenses for unsuccessful recovery pursuits.

Whole Loan Purchase Transactions

We are also an active purchaser of mixed performance real estate secured loans and portfolios, judgments, charge-offs, and deficiency balances resulting from prior foreclosures. We purchase participations, Troubled Debt Restructures (TDR’s), and over-concentration accounts based on the balance sheet management needs of our partners. We seek to modify, rehabilitate and incubate struggling borrowers in a buy and hold strategy.

Traditional Third-Party Structure

Dyck-O’Neal utilizes a third-party resolution model for partners that do not wish to transfer ownership of accounts. This arrangement provides a traditional structure while utilizing Dyck-O’Neal’s people and systems for account resolution. We are able to complement and enhance our partners’ internal capabilities while utilizing this type of structure.

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